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Flashers for sale or trade

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I have 19 bechold and son 8" flashers for sale 3.50 each plus shipping there are 5 white 4 blue 1 black 1 orange 1 clear and 7 green also have 2 12 " white fish looking flashers or will take 70.00 shipped for all also will consider trades for spoons, flies or other fishing stuff.

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Mike Money Order is Sent.

I was told that with copper you can run a flasher with spoon or fly without the dipsey. With that in mind I'm leanning towards copper as the cost would be off set from the dipseys versus copper. around here you can get 400 yds of copper for around 44$ thats only 3 dipseys then try and match colors of dipseys and I just ain't got that kinda cash.

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