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LOC Wilson 05/10 - 13th

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It was a far cry from last years spring derby for us this year, we just couldn't dial in on the kings. We pretty much smashed the Coho's and steelies but failed to put a single king in the boat - a rather humbling experience especially after reading a lot of the reports here.

Thursday we did at least 25 or 30 fish, mostly coho's w/some steelies mixed in, Friday was a little slower as it was only my brother and I and we had the king spread going most of the day. Unbelievably calm both days.

Saturday we decided to call it quits early and spent the better part of the day talking with the charter boat captains at our dock and sucking down beers. Met a few of the captains (Alibi, Hooked Up and Small Fortune) that spend the spring chartering for salmon out of Wilson and the remainder of the summer chasing walleye on L. Erie, really nice guys and very helpful.

Sunday we did pretty good on cohos ... again ... and landed a nice steelie just shy of 10lbs. Cut it short in honor of Mother's Day ;)

Summer derby's a no go for me out west - be back in the fall. Congratulations to all the winners from the board - Fish Doctor .... unbeleivable :shock: :shock: 2 in a row!!!!


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