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Canandaigua 4/20

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Finally got out for the first time this year! Got the new Mag 10 and the sub troll hooked up and working, so my first goal was accomplished. Love those Cannon Dual Axis rod holders, man they are awesome :D !!! Worked the North end for about 3 hours total, including set up time for the sub troll. Fish marks are pretty scarce. Marked some on the bottom in 160 feet and then moved in shallower. We marked more fish in the 100-130 range, near the bottom but occasionally suspended. No bait anywhere. We went 3 for 3 on the lakers, all cookie cutter 3lbs. The first one came on a sutton 35 two colors down over 100 on the seth green rig. The next two fish were on the bottom leader on the other rig, both over about 110 feet, and that was a sutton 71. No hits on either wire dipsey/fly combo and nothing on the new 'rigger either. Beautiful day on the lake and my son and his friend at least got to reel a couple in. Hope to get out some afternoon this week, but definitely Saturday morning. Ill be monitoring 69, so if your out there give me a shout!


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