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Took a first time solo run and trolled out to 90 fow going northwest. Ran 1 rigger with a free slider and 3 colors of leadcore with a red/silver/glow ladderback nk. The currents were wicked frow west to east and slowed down to 1.8-2 and marked a fish at 30 and pulled the rigger up a few feet and sat back down and BAMM!!! A Nice steelie flew out of the water and grabbed the rod. The steelie hit a 44 nk handpainted half orange/silver with a brass back. It was a little crazy trying to land a fish alone but I did it. A nice 8 lb steelie on the rapala grip. I tried to release, but it floated so went back and scooped it. At least it ended my 5 trip fishless streak. The surface temp was 50+/- degrees all the way out other than small breaks. It was a great start to my busy weekend and my day. I didn't even get out until 10 am. Good luck to all at the pro am this weekend. c-ya - Mick

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