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  1. The launch on the East side by the Black North is open. The state launch on the west side is closed.
  2. The County launch on the East side at the Oak is open. A little water up on the concrete before the dock, but it is open.
  3. Tomorrow morning at 9 am! See you all there!
  4. Nice Man!! Way to go! Glad to see the fish cooperate for ya!
  5. Enjoy the retirement from the water Earl! It's only been in recent years that we have said hello to each other around the Point, but it was nice to meet you Sir! At least you don't have to drive around the Point watching the big waves crash over the wall waiting to get out there anymore!! Hope you guys do the Alaska trip! - Mick
  6. What port/harbor are you fishing out of Ralph? Fishing conditions can vary greatly depending on which part of the lake you are targeting. Let us know, and I'm sure there are a bunch of people on here wiling to share info, and help you get the first fish in the cooler.- Mick
  7. So if I'm only fishing Friday, is it $100, or $250 to get in the Condor?
  8. Don't worry Ray. There is always the little blue thiamine dysfunction pill!!
  9. No docks on either side of the river yet, and the gate is still locked on the west side ramps.
  10. It was a fun, but LONG!!!! week of fishing. I was wore out by Friday!! We fished hard for those 6 days, and in American waters to boot, to come up with our 7 fish!! Even though we didn't finish in the top 5, I think we did the best we could with the conditions we had on the US side during a week of very tough fishing!!!! With only 2 of us on board for 4 of the 6 days that we fished also! I had fun fishing with you, and Tom, and I hope you guys did also. - Mick
  11. I have a 350 block. I sent you a pm.
  12. Last Friday one dock was put in on the west side.
  13. Just a reminder for anyone who is interested in helping out this Saturday.
  14. Mr Walleye, I was just working on some docks in the river, not fishing. With shore ice on parts of the river still, it is probably only in the mid 30's. The water should start warming up next week with the overnight lows mostly above freezing.
  15. Yep no problem. We got them out pretty quick. That water was COLD!
  16. Glad to hear you did good!! I figured you guys would!!
  17. First lake report of the year!! At least you got out, and caught one. Way to go!! It can only get better from here!!!
  18. Yes it has been tough out there lately. I also came in last Saturday evening with an empty cooler. I did fish for an hour this morning solo, just to see what was going on and landed a mature on the 10 color/ nk 28 die hard spoon in 60 fow. The water was warm 68 degrees on the bottom in 60 fow, but the fish were there. I saw a few caught in close this morning also. I have only seen a few jumping in the river in the past week, but hopefully these next few cooler days/nights will get some more moving. Lets hope!!!
  19. Thanks guys. Been fishing every day since then between charters, and the derby with my family! 18 mature kings since then with some nice browns and steelies on the inside water. None over 27 pounds, but some nice salmon fishing none the less! That's a good enough birthday present in my book!
  20. Glad that you got into some fish Ray! It was a tough day for most of the boats I talked to.
  21. Reduced asking price. Open to all reasonable offers. Thank's- Mick
  22. Hey everyone. Thought I would list this here before trying anywhere else. The engine came out of my boat last July, and was running when it was pulled, but had a lifter that was sticking/ticking. The ticking was on and off, but I opted for a new engine instead of getting this one fixed. The lifter was all that was wrong with it, but I needed to get back on the water ASAP, and I didn't want to chance there being any other work needed, cams, etc. The engine is a 89, and has over 5500 hours on it. If you are good at rebuilding engines, here's a good project for you. I just want it out of my garage. This will have to be picked up, and is currently on the shipping pallet my other engine came on. I have a chainfall to assist in loading, and this is located in Lyndonville, NY. For any questions please call me at 585-413-6503, or send me a PM on here. thank's- Captain Mike
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