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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:FISH FX





Time on Water:6 hrs

Weather/Temp:showers, sun, clouds

Wind Speed/Direction:10-15NE

Waves: 1-3

Surface Temp: 63

Location:2-9 miles West of the Oak





Total Hits: 3

Total Boated:2

Species Breakdown:steelhead

Hot Lure: none

Trolling Speed: 2.5-3.5

Down Speed: 2.0-3.0

Boat Depth: 60-220

Lure Depth: 20-70




Great to finally get back out on the water.... great to have the boat running well (Thanks Hank)....fishing - not so great. We fished West of port mainly from 70 - 120'. Picked up a small 4-5lb steelie on a NBK superslim in 100fow on a free slider on the 48 rigger shortly after gettig set up. Waited quite awhile before a "hit and miss" and then hooked up with another 4-5lb steelie that hit an NK Seasick Waddler on the 33'rigger. Switched up a lot of things today, but only managed the two. Found A LOT of bait in the 70-100' range. Good luck to all this weekend.


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