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Total Hits: 19

Total Boated: 14

Species Breakdown: Kings/Steelheads

Down Speed: 2.4-2.7

Boat Depth: 250-400




Fished the Oswego Challenge and had a good day. We managed to box 6 fish but no majors made it to the boat. The 6 fish box consisted of four steelheads in the 7-10# range and two small kings. We dropped 5 majors in the prop wash out over the deeper water and released 8 small kings. The majors hit the 500 and 600 coppers and after fighting them all the way to the boat, as soon as the leader hit the rod top it was like someone unhooked them and they swam away quick. We pulled five coppers most of the day as the wires never took a hit and quickly went back on the roof. Top producers were Stinger Tuxedo magnums on short coppers and flys on the riggers and deep coppers. Top combos consisted of green chip/green hypnotist, white green strip spinny/martini fly, white green dodger/glow ghost.

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