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COHOS ! :lol:

Well can't report any derby fish or record setting days but just wanted to share a first we had on the boat this morning. 2 salmon on the same rod at the same time. Had a Mt. Dew spinny parked off the ball and slid a stinger alewife pattern as a free slider down the line. Rod fires and drag peeled. Worked the fish for a bit and as the fish make it's way to the surface we see multiple flashes. Sure enough double on 1 rod. as i was playing the fish, one decides to run near the wire and thats were it got interesting. Lets just say we ended up retying several rigs after landing the fish. Not as big of an accomplishment as if they we each 20 lb. kings but but at least we can say we have done it before. Both fish were chunky 10 lb. class cohos. Aside from those fish we boated 4 other steelhead a small king and had a couple other rips. Fished 100-240 ft. off Sandy Ck. this morning. Like other reports, no consistant patterns, just about everything took a shot.

The Ho's


Some of the steel




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