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Cayuga - 06/02

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Slow day for us. Trolled east side from Myers up to Milliken and back. ran two riggers w/spoons & sliders, two dipsies with dodger/fly rigs and planer boards (2 color core and a flat line.)

Set up just north of Myers and started marking a lot of bait and fish in the 80 fow range. First rod down was a rigger w/a slider, 55' down. Get the 2nd rigger down and the 1st rod starts bouncing - doubled up lakers on slider and down spoon, combined weight was maybe 4lbs :roll: Get everything in the water and continued to mark bait and fish but nothing going. In and out from 50 fow out to 150 fow, changing spoons, dodgers, flies, sticks all the while.

Managed two landlocks that we had been dragging for god knows how long on spoons. Surface temps were upper 50's to 60's with down temps mid to upper 40's. Hazy, hot and humid w/little or no wind.


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