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Spoonfed Observer summer 2010

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Glen and Chris tried their best to teach an ole dog new tricks getting a fish in the Boat not just on the line. Well apparently I won't raise the rod high above my head to set the hook nor will i reel inlike a " madman" Nick schools out knows how I can be also. Well slow and steady were the matra of Spoonfed Glen a Fairly easy going guy he says he's easy going you guys make the call. Chris was rod tending and keeping a close eye on the ole guy, made some changes in my positioning in the boat while bringing fish in as well as retrieving lines and setups thru the summer I believe I picked up enough info, sure Hope it isn't forgotten in upcoming winter.

Well the skinney is this friday last day of prefishin Glen says I'm going to go out and see if we can pick up a laker incase the Salmon aren't biting weight is always good. So he has his setup set tells Chris to set it on the bottom Slow troll then pick her up, no sooner is it down glen says there's a fish on the chris says I just set it down pulls it out of the cradle hands it to me, here richard so I hold it for a bit and theres a slight side to side pull. You guys whov'e caught lakers know it is nothing like salmon. So I hear slow steady from some haevenly voice from above get her in the boat richad also, as well as what the hell are you doing. Well she weights in 22 lbs so Glenn says wer'e registering this one. During the prefish Spoonfed got chris and I on fish with many differant setups including copper that wasn't firing til he zoned it in. In short pulling copper one LIL HONEY aint gonna happen.




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