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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:





Time on Water:6:30-7:30 930-2pm


Wind Speed/Direction:

Waves: 2-3

Surface Temp:

Location:south dune





Total Hits: 1

Total Boated:0

Species Breakdown:

Hot Lure:

Trolling Speed:2.0-3.0

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 120-180

Lure Depth:


SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS took the day off.rode out with dave,his friend jeff,and jeffs three 9 yr old sons. lost some time with a minor repair at the dock,loose wire in the ignition switch. just got set-up, one kid starts looking green.then the second one starts.then we chummed for abit while we pulled and ran in. good screen between 120-140 fow. went back out on pirate couldn'tmark a thing.i stopped at 180 heard later the fish were at 190.picked a little something,probally a brown 110 fow with 125 foc out.dropped it.still beat my day job even with no fish.sat and sunday i'll catch a bunch.


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