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september salmon out of olcott -

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Hey boys! Headin up to Olcott around the nineth of september. New to the whole king game. I have four downriggers. Need to know how many rods I can run off of those? Also what is good to put down for those kings, fly , spinnies , Jplugs ect. Any help is appreciated -

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Spin docs and fly's and J plugs will pull fish, mag spoons will as well, last labor day I had luck on glow mag moonshine spoons as well as the other baits/programs mentioned. You can run 1 rod per rigger with fixed or sliding cheaters, or two rods per rigger if you run stacker releases.

I don't have much experience running and catching on the (hope that changes) J's but know guys run them 50,75 or 100 back right on the bottom if your out very early or very late near the peir heads up high in shallow water. Hopefully some guy with alot of experience chime in becuase I'm curious as well, but just like anything else fishing it all depends.

If you have dipsey divers run those as well, they work very well.

If all goes as as planned I'll be up in Olcott the same weekend as you fishing fri, saturday and sunday.

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Thanks for the reply. Was planning on running 2 rod per rigger w/ stackers. Then also 2 to 4 rods off the sides w dipsy's. First trip w my new rig and really excited. Hope to pull some silver. I have some j's. Do you run them off to down riggers?

What are you favorite spin fly combonation for fall?

Looks like my plans have changed leaving this week to go up. Pends on the weather of course.

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