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Cayuga fishery - Unbelievable Labor Day


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Fished Monday from about 7 am to 4 pm. Started out really slow as I was in the wrong area for about an hour or so. Pulled up lines and headed to my new Honey Hole. Started getting into the fish around 8:30 and just plain hammered all day. Boated about 15 or 20 but lost at least another 10 or 15. Rainbow and LL bite is really hot right now. Only caught 5 or 6 lakers. Caught a 5lb rainbow, a 6 lb rainbow, a bunch of LL Salmon about 18-19" and a bunch about 17" as well. We had two more Rainbows on and jumping that were in the 5-6 lb range but they got away. They are so much fun when they hammer that slider and come flying out of the water. Our biggest laker was only 6 lbs but it fought all the way to the net. We had 3 doubles and one of them was the 6 lb Rainbow and a 5 lb laker....both on magnum divers out about 250 feet That was pretty tricky reeling them both in, driving the boat and netting with just two people. It was really funny that the rigger bite was hot in the morning til about noon then the diver bite got hot in the afternoon.

Hot lures.... Mtn Dew SD's with green Atomik fly and white Big Weenie fly wire out 240 and 275 on mag divers #2 setting. Riggers down 80 and 90 with Mag Blue Dolphin and Mag Green Dolphin. Sliders had NBK and Green/Silver NK 28.

My Uncle from out of town kept saying all day "Wow, this lake is unbelievable!"

Here is the 6lb Bow with a slight hook jaw! The pic does not do this pig justice.


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WTG! I heard you guys on the radio! Boy it sounded like you were having a blast. We weren't hitting anything really in the morning. We got most of our fish in the evening. That Blue dolphin and Proctoligist has been really hot for us too! :) Also, the white with blue dot SD matched with the atommik blue spatter fly has been killing them on the wire down 305 on a 3 setting ;) I didn't even think of using my NBK spoon :(

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Two other spoons that have been hooking the bows lately for us are the 2.75" - 3" glow in the dark wonderbread and the watermelon spoon. Also, I am running Walker size 124 Magnum divers on my wire rods. They get really deep but are a beast to reel in. They are like a 2.5:1 ratio so if I am out 250, they are 100 down.

We had a little bet with Yukonstu and Shaky Mike aboard the Gunboat. I think it was a tie at 5 lbs by noon. We caught the bigger fish after noon.

I also noticed lately that fishing has been great when there is cloud cover. When it is sunny and clear it has been a lot harder....but you still can catch them.

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I did use the watermelon spoon on 10 colors and caught two ll's on it. Don't have the wonderbread spoon yet. I did run the wonderbread SD/fly combo with no luck! I have had good luck with it in the past. I did not know walker had a magnum diver. Sweet I will have to find a set. I have one magnum dipsy and a few the next size down. I run both at 305 out and usually I can't keep them in the water except yesterday. They were pretty dead untill evening. I have been having more luck on the sunny bright days.

I am planning on fishing friday, sat and sunday depending on the weather. One of the days I am hoping to make a trip to lake ontario but other then that I will be on Cayuga. Hope to see you out there.

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