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Yet another newbie. Hi!

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Name: Dave

Location: Sodus Point

Home Port:Sodus Bay

Boat Name/Type:88 SeaRay 250 Cuddy 5.7 I/O, Haven't figured out a name for her yet.

I fish for: Anything that swims, but mostly trout.


Just wanted to say Hi! New to the lake fishing scene, but have fished the lake runs for trout for years now. I stay away from the salmon runs due to the huge population increases, but look forward to getting into some in the lake. I have been reading all kinds of posts on the site and have found alot of great tips. I hope to get out this weekend for the first real fish from my boat! Any tips for out of the Sodus? Great site, and thanks for all the great info, hopefully it will shorten up my learning curve a little!

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