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Fleas on Cayuga


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Was fishing Cayuga on Sunday and couldn't believe the amount of fleas. They have been almost gone for about 3 weeks and now all of the sudden they are back with a vengeance. I don't ever remember them being around this late in the year.

Any idea what made them come back?

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Ive seen these fleas come and go as the summer progresses, im not entirely sure what influences their patterns the most. i believe water temp is a big part, but water currents are an even stronger force. Fishing seneca lake and the prevailing western winds, i have found that the fleas get forced towards the east side of the lake, due to the winds. Also after a couple days of strong north winds the Watkins Glen area of the lake is loaded with them, and on the same day up by my cottage (mid-lake area) there wont be nearly as many.

This is just an opinion based on my personal experience, but i really have no factual info!

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