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Cayuga 9/18, B & B tourney

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Got on the water around 6:15am, launched just south of Sheldrake and pounded fish!!!

We fished from 65-95 foot, marked tons of bait all day and got some really nice fish... but not the one that would have taken money.

All the fish came on spoons (except one salmon, flasher/ fly), mainly silver and bright colors, suttons, alpeana diamonds, and the old school ookie dookie jointed spoon, did the trick. We landed over 20 fish including, 2 browns, 5 or 6 salmon, 3 rainbows, and the rest lakers. All our rigs were catching fish, downriggers at various depths, dipsys out 175-275, copper out 300 ft, and a couple fish off our lead core that was on our big jon planners.

We lost a monster laker at the boat early (definitely weighable) off the rigger, and we lost two other NICE fish... one broke the lead core no clue what it was, we only know that it was one heavy ass fish!! The other released our outside rigger and the hook pulled half way up.

All an all its was a really fun day with a lot of good fish. We will definitely be back to Cayuga this weekend!

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