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In reference to using one over the other for the pros or cons, there really isn't any, because they are totally different ways of presenting your lures in a trolling set. Think of copper wire as a option to use for the sole purpose of getting another lure down deep, way back behind your riggers and dipsy.

Copper wire by its own nature is It's own depth fishing tool. Sinks approximately 20 to 25 feet on its own every 100 feet, at normal trolling speeds but is variant depending on many other factors, lure drag, current, turns etc.

Mono has no ability to sink on it's own without the aid of a downrigger, dipsy, or lead weight or the planning ability of a lure.

IE. the two are fished entirely different. Mono uses attachment to depth attaining equipment and copper does not....however ...and I will get harassed over this , I have been known to use a dipsy on copper 45 lb test wire to achieve very deep presentations that are close to the boat without peeling off 600 feet. Advantage when combat fishing, so ya don't get yer tackle under some one else's boat...wire is wire, It's just different colored...I got an air horn on my tricycle...and it works.

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