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Yukonstu1 and Stoutner Friday night outrunning Lake O storm

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We had the ReelTurner out Friday night out of sodus bay and had this huge storm blowing in on us and chasin us about three miles until it caught us right in the port. If the video is too boring skip to about the 1 minute mark and watch it from there.

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I didnt see any no wake sign......Dear Sir We broke the law and wanted to make this "most stupid criminal video"

Thank you! :rofl:

Uh are you like shark fishing with a swivel that size? and the 1 in tag not trimmed will effect lure action...Too bad ya didnt have that trained "Storm Chasers" number he could of told ya how simple it could of been to miss the "Bear Claw" and keep on fishing....I can see i gots my work laid out for Oswego,,darn rookies :lol:

I should be there next (12 days)wed if mother nature dont swipe the oll bear claw down.. 8) did ya do a rod count yet hmm we started with 8 and got to the dock with 3..

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No self respecting law enforcement officer would have even been out in that storm. It was much nastier than the video shows. When that front finally caught us in port I'll bet there were easily 35 mph + gusts.

Make sure you find the fish we'll reel em in!!!!

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