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Dreams Come's True Charters out with friend Mexico Bay

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Capt. Rick Pecci The Dreams Come True Charters




Date(s): sat aug 13th morning

Time on Water: 6 1/2 hrs

Weather/Temp: partly sunny warm 80's

Wind Speed/Direction: south east

Waves: less than one

Surface Temp: 70's

Location: Plant to Catfish cr.





Total Hits: 11

Total Boated: 7

Species Breakdown: 1 laker, 1 BT 9 Kings

Hot Lure: Total Chaos fly, pearl white slammer, custon hammer chip took 5 Kings

Trolling Speed: 2.0 to 2.4

Down Speed: 2.3ish

Boat Depth: 130 to 220

Lure Depth: 130 to 160 down



went out at 5:30 and set up in 130 foot just pff the high rocks. we trolled out to as much as 230 but seen more in tight so i turned back in and took 3 kings with one double. 22lbs. was the biggest. we trolled in a big loop from 130 to 190 and took all the other fish. We only took fish going south east into the waves. my hottest combos were a white pro troll custom hammer type blade with a total chaos fly called pearl white slammer and this combo has been one of my hottest combo for the last 3 seasons. this combo took 5 kings. riggers were the hottest and my middle rigger down 160 was the most productive I will be up on the 20th for 2 straight weeks of charters so good luck to all and more reports will come on my days off. Tight lines

oh ya check out the two big nasty adult lamprey eels on the two biggest kings! not good news




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The browns we caught over in/around Catfish, earlier in the year were scared, and many had eels on them as well.

We were out in front of the Pond on Saturday, last weekend.

Largest fish we boated was 28 lbs.

This weekend ought to be real good. :yes:

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Nice Rick, Thanks for all the info the other day, good luck the next couple weeks :yes: I will be up for all of Labor Day week

We called for you folks on the radio last Saturday, but you must've not been out.

Were going to be up the whole week of Labor Day also.

Good luck to you folks!! :yes:

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