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  1. TC Bone Collector for me, never change now !!!
  2. Nice Rig, Maybe my wife will loan me the money
  3. They have an awesome fish cleaning station also! Wish they had something like that at Mexico launch
  4. I think people would have figured out who you were, without announcing it
  5. Nice Scott, We had Mr and Mrs Blue Devil on board Sunday ended 6 for 8, going to try a couple more times yet weather permitting. Pulling the boat home after Columbus Day and on to the Deer Hunting! Have a good winter if I don't get to talk to you. Dave
  6. I tend to stay either inside or outside of the pack, but the ones that really get to me is when I am out in 100' and above all by myself and some numbnut motors out and starts setting up 200' in front of me !
  7. Depending on the size of your boat (pretty shallow), you could launch at Pine Grove. But I always launch from Mexico a little under 4 miles to mouth of the river.
  8. Did good yesterday also from Selkirk to just north of the river, ran back and forth in the 40 FOW range ended 6 for 8!
  9. Have someone interested in your boat can you send me contact information?
  10. http://www.fishdoctorcharters.com/videos/video6F.html
  11. Scott, You Harley guy's are all the same LOL Dave
  12. If you're not running snubbers, how tight do you set the drag?
  13. I will be in Olcott memorial weekend if you don't find someone to hook up up before then let me know and I will get them and send to you! Dave
  14. Down Deep, did you install two spring latches on each cover or just one will do? Thanks, Dave
  15. Yes it is and a nice one at that!
  16. FISH HUNTER -''BTW, we boxed out easily on Sunday on our splashdown, " Very Nice !!!!!! Where are the pictures of that big one?
  17. Nice hopefully the weather holds this week, and I can get into them next weekend!
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