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Buying a fishing license on line?


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Might be heading up at 0 dark thirty to fish on Tuesday. According to the NY licensing site, I can get a license online and print a receipt. The receipt seems to be valid for fishing, but I'm trying to figure out if it's only good for the first 14 days after purchase, or not valid till 14 days have passed. Here's a copy from the site. I would think it should read, " only valid for 14 days" , or " not valid until 14 days". Never can be too careful following the letter of the law with Game & Fish.

Receiving Proof of License and Registration in the Mail

Allow at least two weeks to receive your license by mail.

You will receive a receipt of purchase immediately after your transaction:

For hunting and trapping: this receipt is NOT valid proof to perform any hunting and trapping activities. You must wait for the license that you receive in the mail before going hunting or trapping in New York State.

For freshwater and saltwater fishing: the receipt can be printed and used as valid proof to perform fishing activities. It is valid ONLY 14 days after the purchase was made.

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It's good for the days you buy it for. I was stopped once and I only had the receipt. They never saw one at the time, but no problems at all. If you buy it today and want to fish today, is all good. It even shows the time so can't say let me go home and get it....

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