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Niagara Bar with Pics

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:





Time on Water:5hrs

Weather/Temp:85 hot

Wind Speed/Direction:calm

Waves: 1ft or less

Surface Temp: 72

Location:Niagara Bar





Total Hits: 5

Total Boated:4

Species Breakdown:steelhead , kings

Hot Lure: spin doctor / homemade flys

Trolling Speed: 3

Down Speed: 2 1/4

Boat Depth: 26 line / bar 120

Lure Depth: 60ft

Last time out for the year new the bar was slow and headed right past the pack to the 26 line. Trolled to 28 before first hit with a swing and a miss. Marked some bait swung back around and about 1 hour later caught 8 pd steely. Slow pickens and decided to hit the bar on the way back. Guess I messed up as wasn't down 5 minutes with spin doctor and 24pdr hit. Landed that one and about 30mins later rigger goes off again and on the hand off slack line, reel up and 50pd mono broke on the fly. ;( No contest here just fishen for fun.

This is the reason for packen up the boat this time of year. Boat next to me was heading back and decided to go full throtle right over my spread and I kid you not 50yds. I think the guys were drunk as whooping and hollering or just the usual inconsiderant fall fisherman. Ironically right as they over me and I am ready to show them my best finger and the rigger pops and there is the next fish, so they got a show as they were driven 20 mph over my lines. The fished turned about to be about the same weight. Another bad encounter and I know there are inconsiderate people from every state but boat from OH liked to play chicken and even though i was going out of my way to avoid a head on he kept comen right at me.

Good luck to the rest of you with the fall combat fisherman to the goose fields i go



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