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Assorted Pike/Muskie Baits, Revo Toro Winch 61...

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For sale is a variety of baits that I just never use since I bought most of them for trolling and never really troll! Many of these baits have never even seen the water. I love it but im selling the reel because I dont use bucktails enough to need the lower gear ratio. The two shallow invaders and 2 believers (pumpkinseed and black sucker) have been sold. Buyer is responsible for shipping or I can meet somewhere in rochester for pick up. Dont need to sell as lots, pick and choose whatever youd like and make an offer, thanks for looking

Picture 1:

2 Shallow Invaders (sold)

2 Smitty Jointed Deep Divers: $10.00 each

Savage Gear Orange Tiger Butcher: $8.00

10" Jointed Believer Perch (brand new): $15.00

12" Jointed Super Stalker (brand new): $15.00

9" Super Believer Holo Cisco: $8.00

Picture 2:

12" Pro Dawg Dark Baitfish: $15.00

12" Pro Dawg Lemonhead: $15.00

9" Regular Dawg: $5.00

Picture 3:

(all of these are practically unused)

Savage Gear Deviator Glide Bait: $8.00

Newmann Jerkbait: $10.00

Fudally Reef Hawg: $8.00

2 9" Suick Jerkbaits in Orange Sucker and Sucker color: $10.00 each

6" Leo Softtail Jerkbait: $12.00

Picture 4:

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Revo Toro Winch 61

Bought two months ago, brand new condition. includes both handles and warranty

$220.00 (retail is 279.99)





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