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After some engine trouble on the main motor, we made it onto the water at 6am. :? Went to start the kicker and the pull string broke, so we headed back in to put a new one on. :evil: :evil: Got it fixed and were back on the water at 10:30. Set-up over 70 fow and headed out to greet the other 15 or so boats in the 200-300 fow range. Hit 200 fow and things started to go. Ended the day at 2:30pm and went 5 for 10. 4 kings (22, 18, 12, 10 lbs) and one really nice 13 lb coho that gave us quite the aerial show behind the boat as part of a double with the 12 lb king!! :P Early the riggers were set 140 and 125 ft down and the wires out 385 and 420 ft and by the time we pulled lines we had the riggers up to 95 and 115 and the wires out 280 and 320. Stinger NBK, silver prism dodger/aqua fly, JV Cheerleader, and Dalmation SD/SIGGS Blue Dolphin all took fish, with other hits on Yellow Killer, silver prism echip/hammer fly, and white echip/white fly.

The last rip of the day was on the wire out 320 on a #2 setting with the Dalmation/Blue Dolphin fly - that king hit harder than I have ever seen one hit before!! The rod was bouncing and singing something fierce!!! Then 2 very hard head bobs and he was gone, along with my fly! :devil: Apparently it hit so hard it broke the clip used to attach the fly to the SD!! :shock: 8) I wish I could have seen that fish in the boat!! Next time!

No pics today, I forgot the camera. I talked briefly with another boat that came in after us and they went 16 for 18 today in the same area that we were at: 180-260 fow slightly east/west of Port Bay, with several in the 24-28lb range. They were running 4 riggers/2 wires at the same depths. Once the wind picked up around 1pm the temps were coming up and the fishing bite seemed to slow down.

We'll be out every morning/evening that the big pond isn't pushing waves. We'll also be participating in the Fair Haven Challenge next weekend. Good luck to all who get out and tight lines!!! :P

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