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8-21 Port Bay PM Report

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Got out on the water this evening with a newbie and had lines in the water at 5pm. Ten minutes later had about a 10lb king dancing behind the boat and then it spit the NBK at us. Had 2 more releases on a Dirty White Boy and a Magenta Chad. Then I put out a wire rod with the Dalmation Spinny/Hammer Fly - no sooner had I sat down that it got wacked! Landed a dark fall colored 6lb brown. After that the young blood began to get green in the face and we headed in.

Riggers were set at 60' and 70', wire out 135', and we worked 65-100 fow out front of Port Bay. The further west we worked the better the picture became on the FF. Just before pulling lines we were marking lots of bait with suspended marks (40-70 ft down) with more marks on the bottom. At one point there was a hugs bait pod and 5 fish on the screen!! The wind was blowing pretty good out of the SE, but we only had 1's and 2's with an occational 3 out towards 100 fow. Very fishable and it was backing down some as we came in.

We'll be out first thing in the AM looking for that 35+ lb'er!!

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