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Sandy Creek Friday Morning

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Well, I have been away for a week and I couldn't believe the surface temperature....43 Degrees and fairly uniform out to 150 foot. Stayed mostly between 40 FOW and 60 FOW because I couldn't believe the temps...Finally, ventured out to deeper water and my buddy George had his orange crush NK slammed by a screaming King....Lure was off the ball which was down 25 feet...After a 30 minute battle we landed the fish and headed to weigh in station on the Creek...Turned out to be 25lbs.13ozs. Thought it was a bit bigger, but hey, you never know....Went back out to 100 FOW and had another nice salmon strike a magnum monkey puke green...Nice fight and we had ourselves another 24 pounder....Lkae started to get rough and we left around 11:30AM....Great day on the water....Paul

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