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Oak Orchard 18th-22nd

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Me and some friends hit Point Breeze for a couple days of salmon fishing. My boat was filled with a couple of Ohio walleye fishermen. We had another boat with a father/son team that goes up a couple of times a year. I had recently purchased a pair of Cannon Mag 5s for the trip, which ended up being extremely easy to use, and worked out perfectly. The salmon game was new to us, but we used what knowledge was passed on to us (from the father/son team, and this site), and ended up boating 18 fish for the trip, four of which were over 19 pounds, with our biggest going 22.6 pounds.

We didn't have the best weather, and we probably lost a whole day of fishing over the course of the four days. The lake surface temp was 70 degrees one day, and dropped down to 41 degrees overnight. One day were were less than three miles off shore and into fish, the next day were venturing out 8-9 miles to find them. We caught fish on spoons, flies, and E-lures. On Wednesday, we were fishing in 530 feet of water, and catching fish 22 feet down on the riggers. A huge change to walleye fishermen that fish in an average of 40-50 foot of water on Lake Erie.

We started our Dipsy rods with the 30 lb Power Pro that I had on them, and quickly got fed up with the fleas. During our lunch break, we went to Captains Cove, where we found a very nice younger gentleman that was more than willing to help us out. He stripped off the Power Pro, and put it on an empty spool he had, and made sure I got it back. He put wire line on two of my rigs, and even installed the Twilly Tips for me while we waited.

The trip was a blast. Having a big king strip off 375 feet of line in a matter of seconds was mind boggling. We had a double of 20 pounders at one point, and managed to get both fish to the net. It was a great trip that will be remembered for years to come, and we've all got a trip penciled in for next year.

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