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Harbor Dredging Not Gonna Happen - Need To Support SA 1830

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The Great Lakes Small Harbors Coalition is a group representing small harbors from around the Great Lakes where dredging and harbor maintenance issues are of particular concern...The coalition is working with federal and Great Lakes entities to effect the changes needed to address the long-term viability and safety of our harbors.

Please go to http://www.saugatuck.com and click on the link "Great Lakes Harbors Being Set Adrift" to obtain the latest information.

How Can You Help? - ACT NOW!

1. Start a local e-mail campaign today among your colleagues, family members, harbor officials and any interested stakeholders advising them to contact their congressman asking for their support on SA 1830 and requesting specifically "that the House take up the Senate bill". While you are at it, tell them why dredging is important to our local economies, quality of life, and personal safety too.

2. For anyone who does not know their representatives or how to reach them, use this link http://www.thomas.gov. On left margin, click House of Representatives. Then "find your representative" by entering your zip code. It will tell how to reach the representatives by email, phone, or fax.


For additional information, please contact

Chuck May, Chair Pro Tem

Great Lakes Small Harbors Coalition

(231) 889-5607

[email protected]

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