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Thanks to Splitshot


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All - just wanted to say a public thanks to Splitshot for inviting me to fish with him this weekend in the Salvation Army derby, and man did he put us on fish :shock: Saturday we did at least 30 or 40 fish, I know I lost count pretty early on - lot of doubles and one right after another fish when the sun came up. Great day of fishing.

He's a fishing machine also, sun-up to sun-down on Saturday and sun-up to 3:30 on Sunday in the pouring rain (and that's an understatement.)

Thanks again Scott, I had a great time.


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Forgot my digital camera (or any camera for that matter) so we don't have any hard evidence :?

I don't have the full rundown for ya' but the grand prize fish was a

#11.13 (I think) laker and the low end of the laker division was just a shade over 10#.

Bass ...... I have no idea (they all looked pretty small to me :roll: )

The dreaded "odd" trout division:

11# Brown

9 1/2# Brown

8.9# Rainbow (Team Splitshot thank you very much :lol::lol: :!: )

8 1/2# Brown

6.5# Brown

Split - sounds good, we can burn some of my gas next year.


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