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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: MnM




Date(s):May 19

Time on Water:5 hrs


Wind Speed/Direction:5 to 10 k south

Waves: flat

Surface Temp:51

Location:Frenchmans bay





Total Hits: 3

Total Boated:2

Species Breakdown:Steelhead

Hot Lure: rapalla green and orange

Trolling Speed: 2 to 2.5

Down Speed: 1.5

Boat Depth: 190

Lure Depth: 5 to 40 feet



It was a beautiful day, had a down rigger going and a Dipsy, not much happening so decided to put the third and flat line....within 5 minutes the reel was screaming and had a strong fight on my hands as had a 7lb line on the rod.....when almost at the boat ....the rod broke and started to fight the fish by hanging on to the line....was able to get it under control after mayhem on the boat but finally got it boated. The second was on the DR at 35 ft and was no problem bringing it in. The third was a huge one and after an extended fight got it tangled in the down rigger wire (yes forgot to bring it up in the excitement haha) and lost it. All in all a wonderful day on the water




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