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Cayuga 5/24

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Made it out for a few hours last night. We trolled northward from Myers, trying both the east and west sides in 70-150' fow. It was pretty slow, but we did manage to go 3/3 with two lakers and one salmon. There is a ton of debris in the water on the east side of the lake, but it was clear on the west side. Not much bait in either area, save a little bit right by Myers and Taughannock. As we were leaving to head back to the dock in the waning light, a gigantic 8-10' heavy log went floating down the middle of the lake near Frontenac Pt. :o Watch out for that one this weekend!

On the plus side, we did get to try out my Spindoctors for the first time (only used on a charter previously). They certainly add some drag to the setup, but the lakers seem to like them. Took one laker on each of the Spindoctor rigs -- green dot with a purple fly and green nuclear with a green and white fly. We ran these rigs down 60-70'.

We caught the salmon on a 10 color with a green and blue spoon.

Surface temps ranged from 56-59 degrees.

Have a wonderful weekend, but stop at some point to remember those who died to make sure that we have the opportunity to enjoy it!

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Thanks for the report. We will be heading out in the morning from long point. Probably stay up north most of the day since you mentioned all the debris and slower fishing. Will report in tomorrow on our findings. Thanks for the reminder about remembering what the weekend is really about.

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