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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: the donater





Time on Water:4 hrs


Wind Speed/Direction:


Surface Temp: 59

Location:sodus point





Total Hits: 6

Total Boated:4

Species Breakdown:2 steelies and a king

Hot Lure: pooh bear

Trolling Speed: 3.3

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 80 - 180

Lure Depth: starts at flat lines all the ay don to the bottom




today was just to check the spred and hook my little girl up with some fishies for her first boat trip of the year and wants her name on a leader board. it took us about 2 hrs to realy lilke hat we changed on the boat, wiped the top lines out and fired a nice steelie at 6.06 first one. fish on firs one for her this year. that fish put on such a show for her boys im tellin you what. bets smile ive seen on her face in a wile. then the 13lb king cleared the water from 80ft over 160ft . she had her hands full and agin man that king ran her out. hammered the hammer stinger mag. we fired 3 more steelies and had to go home. pooh bear purple for all the steels. hope this helps anyone who reads and wish her luck in her durby


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