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seneca 5/27


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day 2 fishing the lake trout derby was just as fun as day one. Had the same crew on for their 2nd trip and fish was just as good. we boated 18 fish lost 2 real big fish break 12 lb fluorocarbon line. 3 times today we had 2 fish on the main lure and fixed cheater, this is were we lost our 1st big fish as i was netting a fish from our 400 copper the middle rigger fires as the as the little guy was reeling in the rigger rod he was having a hard time reeling it in he kept saying it wont move. so i looked to see if he was tangled in other rigger and we wasn't. the fish on the flasher fly was 9lbs and the cheater fish was bigger but that fish broke the line at the back of the boat.

big weenie flys green dolphin, pole dancer, mirage proctologist,, and dirty dingus all took fish. dreamweaver spoon green gator, green alwive,hot michigan dolphin,magic man and leopard frog.

rigger from 47 down to 100 took fish, 200,300,450 coppers all took fish 4 dypsy 140 out to 180 all took fish.

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