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Kicker Return on Investment


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For once my post is not a call for insight and input into maintaining "this old boat". It is a report on the second best thing I've done to "this old boat" (repower takes first place).

I've trolled my 1989 2160 trophy off the main, with large buggy bags, for three years in Erie and Ontario.

This season I pulled the trigger on a 2003 9.9 merc two stroke long shaft remote mounted off the factory swim platform, separate 6 gal. tank on platform, ez steer and helm controls. Appx. $1,890 professionally installed.

For anyone on the fence about the expense of an aux. kicker here's the difference:

With the kicker I can control speed to 1.0 mph in waves to four foot w/o bags. Off main 2.1 was possible with bags in sloppy seas.

Kicker burns 2.5 to 3.5 gallons for 8 hrs trolling. Main will burn appx. 9 to 14 gallons for 8 hours.

Kicker is elec/pull start and charges batteries while trolling or in a pinch if I accidently run them down.

With only main engine leaving a light or two on could be a problem in the am when staying onboard overnight.

And peace of mind should the main go plooey for some reason.

Never wihout a kicker again. Gas savings per season for me estimated at $300 based on 90 hours trolling per season. Main hours minimalized. Speed control and safety increased by factor of two.

Investment pays for itself in two to five seasons depending on your boat, seasonal trolling hours, gas prices, resale value and personal valuation of speed control/safety.

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AGREED! I have a 9.9 yamaha High thrust. It saves hours and hours on my big motor!! I put 160 hours last season on my big motor, and I don't even fish with it! I troll with the 9.9 all day long. My fuel bills have changed significantly. I LOVE IT. If I ever go to a bigger boat or a newer boat, A kicker will be on it. Just the piece of mind alone is worth it! Youre making it back home no matter what!!

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Safety factor is key too. Our main went down 6 miles from shore last summer. Took about an hour but we made it back to shore without calling for a tow... Which would have cost a small fortune, and taken way longer then an hour to get back in.

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Has anyone set up a kicker on their dive platform?

Im looking for mounting ideas.

Running an inboard Diesil and not thrilled about having to carry gas for a kicker but....

My other idea is to find 4 really big electric troling motors and mount them under the dive platform. then add a couple big deep cycle batterys just to run them.

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Wickedgood, Here are a few pictures on my Trophy Bayliner 2860. I used a custom built bracket to fit the deck, then added extra supports from kicker loacation to swim platform. It does not flex one bit. Used all aluminum tubing Stainless hardware. I steer with a Panther T-4 Electric steering unit.





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