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Cayuga Report - 09/20/07


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Nothing spectacular to report from Thursday's outing besides a bunch of sub-legal landlocks, a couple may have been close but not worth writing home about.

East side from Myers to north of AES in 70 to 250 fow, best depths were 60 - 80 feet down, a good mix of spoons took just about everything and a white E-chip w/mirage fly out 220 on a wire diver took a few lakers. 10 colors of lead got ripped 1st thing (lost it :$ ) and then produced nadda!

Fish were schooled up pretty good, we'd take 2 or 3 at a time and then it would slow down again until you hit another school. We did a triple (3 LL's on 2 rods) towards the end of the day.

Pic below is the only decent fish all day. DAN


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hey hows that new keeper doing must be getting big now sleeping through the night and filling those diapers with the real deal no more of that green slimy stuff.....enjoy em they sprout pretty fast my baby just called from collage now tuition will bring tears to your eyes, ok i lied we called her and reminded her who we were she was busy and had to go but she did have time to ask for some finacial funds........hey its only money, well some lures ,boat gas,rods reels,new engine ,heck a new boat,oh well the Pegasus is just fine for another 20 years.........................

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