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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: reel power





Time on Water: pm Tuesday, all day Wednesday-Friday, am Saturday

Weather/Temp: calm clear hot

Wind Speed/Direction: variable to none

Waves: 0-2.5

Surface Temp: 73-78

Location: Niagara to Olcott





Total Hits: 60 ish

Total Boated: 24 ish

Species Breakdown: kings, an Atlantic, couple steelies

Hot Lure: spin doctor blue dolphin, blue fly.

Trolling Speed: 1.5 to 3.2

Down Speed: Same

Boat Depth: 75 fow to 450 fow

Lure Depth: primarily 50-80 foot down




It wasn't't easy fishing but we took some real nice matures. Kings were spread out all over the place, really had to work your waypoints once you got bit. 330 fow was best but got 'em in 220 fow real well 180 fow and 75 fow one morning. Temp was not well defined, we targeted 42-48 degrees which was 50 to 100 foot down.

Wire divers on 3 setting were best out 200-300, slide diver or braid dipsey on 1 out 180-200 produced (especially the slide diver), riggers were off and on. Spin doctor fly combos in blue/green chrome or transparent green/chartreuse with glow were best. Speed changes triggered bites.

Lost a fair number and had an annoying problem of many good fish taking a swipe/bite then gone. Right in front of Wilson was the most consistent bite. Really targeted matures so not many steelies caught but we did catch a 13 lb. Atlantic salmon in 100 fow.

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Bite was real strange and inconsistent. A couple days the evening bite was decent, then other days nada. Same with the morning. Most interesting was the quality of the fishing in the late am and early pm. We had two days when first light through early am was dead quiet, then at exactly 10:00 am they started to eat and eat well. Perhaps this was because we were focused on deeper water kings. Mid-day fishing was consistent throughout the week. So if it ain't on fire at first light keep at it.

Speed changes were very important. The biggest fish (27lb) hit when the kicker crapped for a minute and ball speed went down to 1.5 on the "glide". Many hits on speed changes of .5 mph or more.

Some eye candy for the internet anglers:





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Bite was real strange and inconsistent. A couple days the evening bite was decent, then other days nada. Same with the morning.

Thanks for the report. That's what I found out at Wilson on 7/14 & 7/15. Just a slow grind all day and fish spread out. Still we managed some good numbers. Interesting thing was we were set up and trolling before daybreak both days and had some amazing screens and rods screaming before there was a hint of light in the sky both days.

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Hey big water I was docked next to your sweet rig, 22' trophy hardtop here. I said a quick hello on the dock on the 14th and gave ya a beep beep as we headed out deeper passing you in 150 fow about 8 am. We also had a way early fish on the 13th (then nada) and thought I should try the night bite but couldn't fish 24/7! Must be getting old.

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