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Ski-Jiggers! Anyone running them


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I was at the Augusta Sportsman Show over here in Maine yesterday and there was a dealer from Keene New Hampshire that has a planer board that will jig your bait being towed by the board.  It's called a Ski Jigger. 


They had a great demo setup and as the planer board moves thorough the water, a propeller on the nose of the board drives a gear train that retreives about 5 feet of the release line.  when the line gets retracted all the way to the board, the gear train trips and allows the bait to fall back as the boat moves forward.  The net effect is a jigging action that looks pretty cool so I picked up a pair. Our open water season opens this week and I'll be out giving them a go on the Kennebec River.   


I think these would probably be tops for an early season brown presentation with Smithwicks or spoons over on the big lake.  I bet they'd be deadly on walleye too!   


Has anyone seen these before or know anyone who runs them??


They also make a similar rig for downriggers which does the same thing.  I couldn't feature that being as effective especailly dragging flashers and flys or meat rigs.  I just don't see the gear train hauling much more than a spoon along but that's based only on my "feeling" and not on any fact I'm aware of.    

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