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Oswego and Sodus Pro Am / LOC derby

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I sent a quick e-mail to Dave Chilson at the LOC derby asking him if an observer during the pro am without a derby ticket would disqualify you from the LOC derby.


Here is his response:


Please have whomever is running the Pro Am get a hold of me or a contact name.  In past years I gave the observers of all the boats a free pass that covered them for being on the boat, but not for entering fish.




Dave Chilson

LOC Derby




Maybe someone responsible for the tournaments could contact him? I would hate to catch a big one and be disqualified from entering the fish in the LOC derby because my observer didn't have a derby ticket.


Here is his contact info


LOC Derby
PO Box 17057
Rochester, NY 14617

Phone: 315-333-5213
Fax: 315-333-5295
Toll Free: 1-888-733-5246
Email: [email protected]






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Anyone know what is happening this.  I agree that there should be some concessions made for these events.

Anyone taking action?



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I received and e-mail from Dave Chilson and he said he was going to contact Rob at Fat Nancy's about the Oswego event. 

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