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Headed through the chute at 5:15 saturday on a solo mission. Goal was 3 kings for the smokehouse and get back in to head back to pa early. Setup in 120fow with a green dolphin siggs and white/green dot spinny on a 270 dipsey, a glow twinkie and 11" crystal prism big shotter back 300', and a black on black nk28 with glow ladder on both sides down 100'

First to go was the 300' meat rig that yielded a 12lb king. After about 10 mins I pulled the flasher fly to put meat on it. While I wasmaking my change the 300 started screaming again. Now im hooked up and I have stuff laying everywhere. I got the fish controlled and put the rod back in the holder so I could have room to operate by myself. I got that fish in and boxed (16-18lb) and got set back up with 2 meat rigs now. The 270 meat takes the next shot and I drop the fish. Reset and thr 100' rigger gets hit with a solid 10lb brown. I released that fish and simultaneously both wires fire. Was able to land one of the two but dropped the other.

Made it back in the chute by 8am with a limit of kings and a released brown. I believe if we woulda had full crew/spread it woulda been crazy. I was 4-8 solo which isn't too bad I guess. 7 hits on meat and 1 on spoon.

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