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That was it... Finished the night 2 for 3. No pics of the King as I wanted to release him ASAP because he made a few runs and the surface temp was like bath water. Grabbed a quick one of the Steelie.


Far from a great pic but he did have an unusual kind of bow to his back. Whatever it was didn't appear to affect him (or his jumping) at all... Lol


All in all it was a relaxing evening that I'm glad I pushed to fit in after seeing the upcoming weekend weather report.

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Most fish seemed to be holding right to the drop. Few marks beyond 150fow. The marks from 90-150fow seemed to be broken up into two groups. The deep group of fish was 90-120 down and the shallow was 45-55 down. Some bait showing just above them in 55-58* water.

Ventured out to 250 and the marks dropped off to almost nothing.

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How do you like that little Tohatsu? Does it run pretty smooth?

I really like the little 5hp on there. Being a single cylinder you get a little more thump from it than a twin, but that's something you can't escape from any brand. It feels as smooth or smoother than the 5hp Honda it replaced and isn't as finicky to start.

I have their 9.8 with electric start and the charge system on my 21 and have had zero issues trolling with it for three seasons now. Super smooth and quiet and idles nice and low with the H/T prop on it.

If you're in the market definitely check out internetoutboards.com. My last one showed up in two days, no tax, and free shipping. They are good to deal with.

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