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Guest Icekimo

Random 2007 Simcoe ice fishing pics

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Guest Icekimo


My cuz Phong and I, with some jumbos from Innisfil Beach


my gf Lilly with a nice laker


me with a nice table size laker, i like eating these small ones and releasing the monsters.


cousin Phong with his biggest so far


what a lucky guy, catches his biggest whitefish so far too same day /rock


i caught way bigger whities but can't seem to locate that memory card with those pictures right now :l


my biggest laker so far through the ice, she was released


here's another whitie coming up the 6" hole!

hope you enjoyed it and hope to have you come visit us soon!

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wow great pics good variety also never been to simcoe

read all the forums though when releasing the fish I would watch

holding them by the gillplate damage occurs later that you do not know about it how do the whities taste are they mild never tried one

and probably never will unless I get to simcoe thanks for the pics


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Guest Icekimo

Hi Kappy. carefully noted.. thanks for the heads up.. and the whities taste awsome up here.. can be cooked anyway and still come out excellent, our favorite is with fish crisp.. some of the folks up here would actually rather catch whities than lake trout for dinner.

cheers - Ice

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