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  1. Try around islandś under the docks, plastic worms, in the south cove on the west side, don't be surprised using a flat flsh, or a White spinner, might get some pike also good luck, u can also get some nice perch dropping in the weeds, by 2nd creek
  2. Thanks guys, I remember trolling with the hot n tots nice bass an occasional trout, we used to have 100 fish days with white twister tails at hedges, appreciate the replies, exactly what I am thinking, not like the good ole days,Russell's station used to be great back in the day... The bass went away as soon as the gobies came, but why just here, ok y'all answered my question ..thanks again for the replies...
  3. Hi all, Any of you salmon or Trout fishermen been seeing any small mouth action in the lake? I would have posted on the bass page, But not too many post there, just wondering if you hooked any while trolling, other parts of the lake they are getting good Numbers, around I never hear any, I have tried the usual spots ,we used kill them years ago, anyway thanks for any replies,good luck Out there.
  4. Was wondering how the Summerville and Charlotte piers have been doing? I have not been out in a few years, do too a foot injury that sucks still... Thank you for any input.. Wish I could get to the ends for perch.. Not going to happen.
  5. Has this been in Salt water? You mentioned OBX
  6. You might have better luck moving this to the classifieds
  7. looking for 2 maybe 8 or 10 lb weights, If anyone has a couple and a price please, a friend just getting started and has 2 manual riggers on his boat, think I seen here someone makes and sells locally I think, I am in greece thanks or the help
  8. not thick enough,,,, all you guys that have been going out, the ponds Greece, and anywhere else, sorry do not think many of you know what good ice is, fisherman have been going in left and right, including, snow machines, I have been ice fishing for 50 years, never went through, I do not plan on it... with these up and down temps... get real boys... stay off the freakin ice.... towards the end of this week, 2 days of very cold temps, then back up... do not risk it man... I am not... and still here, bring a spud, that tell yah... NOT... never used one and never will, have to know the temps ... period,,, hope I helped some newbies out,, if not god luck...
  9. drove down to look around at the ponds, long pond, cranbo, and Braddocks, people were out all over cranbo, did see some wet spots though, north east corner open water. parking lot full, long pond about 5 cars, a group out about a quarter mile hugging the west side, no one close by shore by edgemere, Braddocks had the most people, surprisingly, quite a few fishing in the small cove, north of the last ramp.. so shallow in there, did see one nice pike caught, no idea on ice conditions sorry,, reading reports above, friday ice did not sound good, I am going to wait myself,, no chances here, do not care if the water is 5 ft deep.
  10. New Battery Sunscreen cone Ducer arm Soft pack pro has 12 degree ducer price is 325.00 lightly used throughout the years
  11. wind is going to be up all week!!!! so I hear. keep an eye on the weather report
  12. thanks for the update Brian, would rather head out on Summerville for that reason. Rick
  13. Have not been out all summer, has anyone heard or fished off the piers for perch recently? also can you even get out on the Summerville pier? thanks for any info, I will give it a try either way.. thanks
  14. makes sense good luck Sent from my SM-G950U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. why would you need a new battery if this was used 5 times? Just sayin
  16. this is lake ontario, you will get more info on a lake erie site.. honest here is a good start for you good luck https://www.myfishfinder.com/fishing_forum/index.php?board=296.0
  17. kappy

    Sodus Bay

    agree gator.. I got a couple of 11's today, they are huge when people says consistent 12's I don't believe it, unless I am there.. was not at Sodus either, the internet has killed what fishing is all a bout, I like the serenity, and scenery and getting a few fish.. I heard at 3rd creek, there were over 200 hundred vehicles parked.. a freakin Zoo that to me is not fun... I have been fishing for 55 years,, have not iced fished maybe in 5 years, went to sodus a lot.. could not even imagine the zoo.. you won't catch me there anytime soon if my limit would jump in the bucket.. have fun..
  19. wow surprised no one wants this for that price, I have the FL18 pro pack also good luck on the sale, great deal
  20. thanks Gator I am in rochester close to greece, I am keeping this price firm.. I was hoping that people see this as a good deal.. and yes the smitty sled
  21. this hut is in great shape, and also included these xtras', clam cover,ice stakes, led lighting hook up to 12 volt battery, and a homemade sled with skis., has a small half dollar size hole in the upper side, including 2 clam patch kits and you could share these with friends that may have tears , 8 patches 8x8 the price is 225.. you can tell in the pics, the canvas is in new condition color not faded, the sled is great pulls with ease, even in a foot of snow PM me I have some other ice equipment for sale also.. including an FL18 pro pack with extras. rods, auger, tip ups, I can show whom ever purchases this hut.. work out a deal . I some injuries, my ice days are pretty much over thanks all ps that is my neighbor sitting in it.. lol he helped me bring it out.. sorry bout the mess in the driveway lol
  22. what do you mean by unfinished? used? just curious,I would be interested in darker color smithwicks, gold silver, gold orange if you ever have those, good deal though thanks
  23. posted in the classified section about halfway down now
  24. Hi All I know you guys have some decent camera's to catch the action, but this looks well advanced, check it out.. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gofishcam/gofish-cam?ref=jellop&utm_source=jellop&utm_medium=ocpm&utm_content=fish
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