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  1. I would like to come and look at it.. send me a PM with your info please thanks Rick
  2. Hey all this chart for fish ID is brand new this year.. your can order a plastic covered copy at nyseagrant.org that you can fold and put in your tackle box.. full color too. very good veru useful tool and guide here is the PDF file if you would like to download it.. ok about 10 paragraphs down click on the PDF link... http://www.seagrant.sunysb.edu/articles/t/new-lake-ontario-fish-identification-guide-is-accurate-aid-for-anglers-great-lakes-sustainable-recreational-and-commercial-fisheries-press-release?q=fish+identification looks pretty good, all of us at one time or another have had trouble with fish ID
  3. Android did not know that either,, good vid Def fish hope the phone is alright, I don't know if I would have chanced that, unless I had a good warenty..
  4. ok where is yancy, and do you know where monroe county is? just checkin.. been no ice here in a month or more no way bro..
  5. I miss read it this is what he said picked up a small laker about 4 lbs we picked up a coulple more fish going across including a real nice laker (pics below it is bigger than 4 lbs and it is a real nice laker... good job.. your just kidding anyway he he.. I did not get fooled by the master of fooling. whew
  6. nice fish looks more like 7 lbs at least..
  7. oh yeah I see it in the last photo... just kidden bad pic lol but common they did'nt seam like they grew since last fall? most likely not the same fish... I don't know why I said that.. they grow big time every year especially the young ones..
  8. kappy

    Seneca Perch

    with the weather mint for the next week.. why would'nt it be a good time to do some perch fishin. this week the fishing should really heat up everywhere.. g you can pass the deer meat my way anytime... seriously though.. once you find the schools gonna be fun.. I really miss not having my boat good luck.
  9. send me a pic when you get back, so you live in VA then? thanks oh what size are they
  10. looking for some quality chest waders, size 10 or 10.5 send me a PM please, located in the Rochester Area. no holes please lol.. honest... thanks..
  11. who or what determines if you are a Pro or AM how much money you want to fork over?
  12. hey guys, I have been following the thread since the get go, just want to say have fun and be safe.. hope everyone does well, can't wait to see the pics... maybe next year I can join in if possible, I know Brian, AKA Gambell. sounds like a load of fun... I have not even taken my gear down from the loft.. yikes!!!!!! Oh Is the perch fishing up there as good as the walleys? Have a great time and Good luck Guys!!!!!!
  13. kappy

    Braddock Bay ice

    some people will always be idiots... unreal.
  14. how long would they last Scott, weeks? months? do you feed them anything . they just eat leaves thanks
  15. I have the fl18,does the job, marcums are very nice too, differences in price is, options, bottom zoom, transducer degrees, colors,overall, what the unit will do, and what you expect, you can go to both websites, watch some video I believe. If I buy a new one, I would sway towards Marcum myself , good luck, everyone has there preferences, they all do a good job.. you are on the right track.
  16. you got that right Ray that is all I use also everyone loves it I add crushed red pepper, and a little cayanne to spice it up.. would not believe how much you need to add, to get it kicked up, always think I am over doing it.. turns out perfect. I like to use the flat part of the dispensor, the tube does not seem to dry well enough, to thick. hamburg only.
  17. kappy

    I-bay 11-20

    wtg nice hogs there......
  18. I guess that would do it Skipper, 1000cc with the tracks,,, nice, when you get yours, you can pull all our huts out together, I will chip in for gas.. last year at Iron bay, when they were riding there cycles and ATV's at the outlet launch, a guy had a plow on and cleared a nice path almost all the way out to the channel markers. it was 8 ft wide. boy did that help with the walk.. I diffidently thanked him. it was noisy, and you had to watch walking through there track, but a bunch of good people lot of fun watching them too.
  19. Doug dr rambo that is why I said doug #2 2nd poster on your thread here, be glad to show you the ropes this year ice fishing, I have all the equipement, flasher, hut, tipdowns, rods, jigs, augers. you just have to pull it all out through the 3 ft of snow lol.. you will like it, I will get in touch, when we get some safe ice.. WW I remember walking the 1.5 out on 3rd creek, I really thought I was not going to make it back.. no nore deep snow for me, I made a rack out of wood, put 2 ski's on it. clearance is about 6 inches, when I get where I am going, I take the hut off.. If you would like to make one, I can send you a pic, plans.. works grea..t I have the fish trap pro common ice.. thanks for the offer Doug #1 lol
  20. you will get hooked on ice fishing, it is more work though, especially when you have to truck through 2 ft of snow.. still worth it.
  21. 1st Doug, I want to go fishing with you, I am boatless these days, I lived on the bay for many years, those were the days, good report thanks, your right have to keep moving, that is the key. 2nd Doug. hope your surgery is not to serious, hope it all works out for yah, good luck
  22. Just got back, went to braddocks, fishing from shore, nothing to show but 2 small gobbies, have a lot of minnows left, sold the boat a few years ago, next year think I am going to buy another. try again in the morning, think I will hit the piers.. how did everyone do today...
  23. very nice fish boys, glad to see fellow perchers helping each other out. he he heading out now, hopefully a good report later.. good luck today.. 33 out now, won't be long for the hard water/
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