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  1. try this site you offer a price and you will get some good info, if what the pro's suggets did not help you, do not have to pay, I have had great luck with them with truck issues, anything really, maybe worth 5 bucks to you.... when they are right on, give them a tip.. good luck justanswer.com
  2. Just curious guys Are you talking about Pigeon lake in Ontario part of the kawarthas, I have fished it also, years back, some big musky and smallies, walleye were on the small side though, looks a good time nice fish... has to be a 5 hour ride from the islands... awsome eyes.
  3. If you have any of the old style metal lip Hot N Tots, if not you can find them still.. all black or perch scale, I do real good with the brown trout on them also. Bass attack them.. the only thing I troll with for smallies.
  4. WOW alot of pike fast action did you do anything on walleys or small mouth great fishery in the french
  5. How do the eyes taste @ that end of the lake, are they fishy, and lake tasting. the ones I have been getting out of the lake and bays around Rochester have a strong taste I beleive from eating the alewives, I am not going to eat any more because of this reason, I do not keep alot of them anyway, I even tried soaking in buttermilk, they just have a strong fish taste, The big ones can't be that good either I would think, very nice fish for sure.. Any of you walleye guys have any input, Is it just this area of the lake? thanks guys.
  6. Bosco nice fish surprised your vehicle did not get towed By the Iron police a few weeks ago we were heading out on the pier, the cop told us we better be out by 9:45 or they will tow, no tickets just tow it,, he was the usual Iron cop, anyway few other pier guys told me the same thing, They have been broken into also.. The pier has been on and off nice pike torwards the end, there are some nice spots for eyes in the bay. 2 years ago we were trollin for the eyes at night I landed an 18 lb sheepshead thing was huge I say Huge good luck
  7. Arrived at the pier first light, saturday beautiful morning casted some stickbaits, in shallow, tried spoons, then spinners well needless to say, I got skunked nice to be out though oh this was summerville, anyone else get out? was only out an hour and a half, the few guys out did not get hit while I was there.
  8. Good Job very nice fish, I love the smithwicks, favorite all around lure, excellent for the eyes also
  9. Hi guys Anyone been out on the piers this year yet? may give it a shot this weekend, Will report if I head out
  10. Nice rig there Eli glad it worked out for you, see you have a kicker on it also nice,, I do miss that boat, congrats with your new child also. Rick
  11. cam just keep trying, try out the ponds by the big O in greece also Iron bay is good my favorite is sodus lots of places honeoye is too hit and miss for me but there are big gills and crappies try to get along the weed lines good luck out there
  12. what exactly is a walleye minnow, fathead,niagara, golden shiner, never heard of any minnow called a walleye minnow maybe just a big minnow just curious good job out there
  13. Icekimo wow great pics good variety also never been to simcoe read all the forums though when releasing the fish I would watch holding them by the gillplate damage occurs later that you do not know about it how do the whities taste are they mild never tried one and probably never will unless I get to simcoe thanks for the pics kappy
  14. Rob you are right about the zip code place was mobed I did not get there till noon few nice perch good size to them,, did you see the guy way out by the open water with his dogs guy had balls no one would even venture half the distance he went crazy dude nice day to be out there for sure one guy farthest out had some real slob perch he did very well Rick
  15. thanks for the update I really want to get out,, man fighting this cold that eveyone at works has wife was out a whole week sucks good luck to all, careful out there, ice is only a week old
  16. Scott, how was the ice? also anything on the other ponds people are getting some decent perch out of braddocks but like you said slow,, least you got half a meal can you get out towards the farthest point straight across towards the marsh to the south at all thanks Kappy
  17. this would be a good unit for a newbie, beginner has sidefinder, speed and temp, it is old, works good also I will throw in a compass, 25 bucks takes both. merry Xmas email me @ [email protected] or leave a number on here
  18. I like to be on at least 3 inches or more of solid black ice What I mean, clear ice not honey combed. They say first ice and last ice is best, you know we hear every year an experienced fisherman fell threw. Why take chances for a fish. Also it does not necessarily mean the ice is safe for you, because you see a lot of guys out. Check it as you go with a spud or auger, drill some holes. White ice is not good, that is when the snow melts and then refreezes, I have been ice fishing for over 30 years DO NOT TAKE CHANCES....... a few years back we seen a bunch out by the channel markers at Irondequiot bay. well we took the long mile walk. We all know that is about the last place to freeze, deep water and under currents, we went out, over about 35 FOW and there was only max 2 inches yikes. and these guys were closer to the channel all in a group. you could almost feel the ice buckle tell you what we lasted about 5 minutes,, on the way out we drilled holes but it was shallow with no current,, check the ice and conditions before you venture out,, And B safe. carry some ice picks, and a rope with you... if something happens, good link to go to for Ice conditions is very informative site hope this helps stay safe this year kappy http://www.iceshanty.com
  19. anyone get any eyes in the fall around the bay. spring and summer not bad, never tried the fall thanks
  20. that sounds pretty good , what kind of fish did you use? I like mild fish thinking about perch or walleye thanks
  21. there is some info about the laker fishing here myfishfinder.com
  22. This is a transom clamp on mount with the clips for the battery
  23. this is a 28lb thrust transom mount for small boat, no foot pedal 12 v older model very little use,, asking 100 email [email protected] thanks for looking I am located in the Greece area.
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