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  1. now that pike from sweden made it all the way to greece. wonder what is in sandy creek out by you. oh common cut.. it.. out... the northgate plaza and the resort town is funny wish I had the 30lb walleye pic, from canal park ponds dang...
  2. Agree with that Jim, for sure..
  3. outerbanks tuna trip.. nice, we used to go there every year, did a lot of surf fishing, claming, never went out for the big fish. wish I did, miss that place no doubt..I will stayed tuned..
  4. is this for Lake erie? u do add a ton of info for lake erie on this site...and good info may I add , Is there a lake erie fishing site? must be.. just sayin
  5. 21 hits and 25 boated how does that work? lets see some pics next time.. reason I like to see the pics, I don't get out and I like to see the smile on the fishes face Lol u really get into 20+ landed... nice job...
  6. we can thank the decline, to the internet,, ice fishing has gotten out of hand.. cannot even go and relax, you know what I mean, anyway try cleo's along the points and drop offs, eyes are hard to come by, at night use sticks baits, go to pike lure is a mepps spinner.. I do fairly well anyway good luck
  7. kappy

    channel cats

    Genesee here in rochester has some big cats too, the old guys use cut up trout, just the meat, and they kill them with it.. never tried myself, nerver knew that, is it legal to use cut up game fish for bait? just wondering.. River has some monsters in there. good luck
  8. The guys are right.. hot oil 375 a little too hot I think, key to the beer batter also, is dipping, you have to let some drip off then you have a nice thin coating= crispy. with the oil not hot and the batter too thick on the fish u are doomed.. another tip. dry the fillets before you cook them.. I lay them out on paper towels pat dry with another towel. if you want some fries or tater tots with your meal.. take them out of the freezer put in the microwave, on defrost or low. then you will not get the big splatter mess, like when you throw frozen anything in hot oil.. works great..
  9. they sell the shore lunch at topps also, I like to mix the cajun with original best batter out there IMO
  10. try putting this on the buying board, this is for selling, may have better luck.. did you check craigslist? also would think up in the islands they are a dime a dozen.. would think anyway, check out some of the places that rent boats
  11. another tip identifying a coho the scales come off all over the place, in the spring anyway, what a nice hour lunch break good job, nice fish
  12. you do know a bullhead is a catfish, has whiskers and no scales.
  13. anyone that has a grill kept outdoors you are better off not covering it, waste of money, the covers hold in the moisture more than if it just rains on the grill, not kidding, companies make on killing on grill covers. they are worthless, oh has anyone actually tried smoked lobster?
  14. never seen anyone jump across to the other pier, it does say no Pier Jumping. nice surfing weather though.
  15. hey King me thank you for the reports, your team is on fire!!!! just reading all these great reports, makes me want another boat. like quick.. I sold mine a few years ago.. one question, do most of your clients keep all the fish they catch, there limits anyway? personally I don't eat them.. looking at all the recipies on this board.. I may try some soon.. good job out there!!!
  16. you really think the 14 day forcast is going to hold up? they cannot even get tomorrow right.. do the eyes up there have that strong fish, lake taste, like here, I cannot even eat the ones out of the lake here in Rochester, eating them alwives. yuk... wish they did taste better, I catch enough, but just don't keep them anymore.
  17. Cahrlie looks happy as can be.. nice kings.. the first is a beauty, nuttin like the family out catchin some fish and havin fun.. what size boat do you have? thanks for the pics, I am boatless at the moment.. very soon though
  18. thanks Jay, I knew that lol just thought they were only like 14 or 16 ft boats, very small, you are right, waves had to be crashing over I would think
  19. 45 browns r u serious, what was your secret lure what is a 20 ft jon boat by the way.
  20. somehow u are the perch magnet..... very nice.. what a smallie too...
  21. ok fair enough... hope you get your 10 bucks for it...
  22. what is with you and the TTT on all your stuff, have a garage sale..
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