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  1. very nice.. do you live up in the henderson area? I never ice fished the Bay, would like to try it sometime though
  2. kappy


    lows in the single digits towards the end of next week, should help a lot, as long as the bays are locked up , if not hope for no wind.. soon?
  3. ok plan on getting out let u know, wind and wave conditions not good tommorow.. 5 to 7 footers strong west wind
  4. absolutely they should be giving it a shot, if I had a boat still, we could do some damage for sure.. one day soon, just paid off my mortgage joined a country club, wife wants a new car.. boat is out of the mix for awhile now.. if I do get one, I mean when I am going to leave it docked, hated launching with the crowds, waiting in lines, and watching many newbies, they had to learn somehow.. I will stick to the piers for now, ride my bike out with a bucket and a rod.. lol gets me there quicker tough with a bucket full of perch on the way back.. if u c a guy with a green schwin mountain bike that would be me, say hi.
  5. drrambo you are right on.. there are huge perch out there , when I had my boat same thing, gotta love it, when you hit them deep , and u r correct a nice chop is always better, a few years back we hit them out by webster pier, and they were sumo perch.. like we were at seneca lake.. once you find them, or just stumble apon them watch out,, just made our last mortgage payment.. maybe a new boat is in store.. hmmmm thanks for lettin the guys know what is out there.. great info. end of both piers are good right now. while everyone is fishing for salmon.. good luck all
  6. Rovente did you read yout same question a few threads down? lots of info about how and where to jig.. here is the link.. with some info that should help you get started this is a little late, you maybe gone already good luck http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=34435
  7. Brian, agree no doubt, my bad for saying PERIOD.. I have tried them out of sodus also taste like crap, not as strong as out of the river, still not good. Devo agree, needless to say won't catch me eating any walleye from anywhere around here, or any fish, besides panfish, the river eyes stink right out of the water, spring time they are just terrible out of the lake in front of Iron bay, good quality and good looking fish though,tried once out of the river about 15 years ago. stupid move lol how bout honeoye are those ok, never tried them.
  8. if you don't care about eating them go up the genny, excellent eyes in there year round. and plenty of other species the reason the walleye around here taste like crap is what they eat ALEWIVES.... PERIOD I have caught them from braddocks to sodus, terrible these are the spring fish too..
  9. first time fishing and you get the kids into fish like that.. tell by the smile on her face... she had to be screaming with excitement.. wish my kids were not down south... hardly get to see them.. all grown up and married or in school.. good job great fish...
  10. troutbum out of Iron bay to the east, around the first point is a stream called shipbuilders. believe there is a flagpole you will see the stream entrance to the lake, there are cement walls and a pier like.. all in that area, to the east up and past webster pier is all good fishing, lots of smallmouth, also. very rocky bottome
  11. Brian the guy with the straw hat... looks like someone I know is his name Gary? nice job in the tourney
  12. weather conditions permit..... since June 27th, can it get any better...
  13. Tim a question about the last one at sodus, I see you have pickeral, I cannot remember myself if there are even are any pickeral in sodus..I have never caught one or seen one in there, but on the other hand, I don't target them but why not pike? diffinately lots of pike.. also the panfish means rockies and bluegills, and of course gobbies right thanks Rick
  14. you should be able to find some panfish out in the boat.. look for weeds and dropoffs. even the perch in the summer like to hide and stay cool in the weeds.. now would'nt that be nice to run into some jumbo's, most are deep, real deep.. I have found them in the weeds on a hot summer day... good luck but have not fished seneca in a few years... do miss it though.
  15. what do you use for the smallies, to keep the gobies off. live bait. thanks
  16. you can't no launch, there is a parking lot, northwest corner, the only one.. if you can carry your boat over some boulders you are set to go.. do not park on the road.. ticket really not much room for a trailered boat in the lot. most guys use car tops, what ever you can lift.. good luck
  17. just water the lawn the night before you need them, don't forget if they pull hard ready to break, you gotta give them a lil tickle.. they like there tummy"s rubbed.. come out unbroken every time.. pinch them at the hole too.
  18. ok 2 on 1 need a better pic Xingtau, no doubting you I am sure you know, being the fisherman either way nice fish... there are some big rockies out there, do you guys eat them.. I did way back.. not now though
  19. sounds good have to try this, somethin different for sure
  20. nice bull first pic... good eats fur sure
  21. vey nice... congrats on your personal best, betcha close to 14lbs, nice tigers too... thanks for the pics.
  22. seeing the white on the bottom, and no red eyes, and the smallies are in... caught plenty of 12 inch bass, and u r right, ID is not a common problem with rockies... so why am I questioning it? no big deal.. huge rock bass at sodus if u want some.. good fishin
  23. looks like sandy to me, and that sure does look like a smallmouth...
  24. you got that right jimski, definately the purple jaw is the best way to tell.
  25. kappy


    should have made the pic bigger.... THAT BASS IS SMALL HE HE HOW LONG WAS IT I WOULD GUESS 64 INCHES... NO...
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