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  1. just curious guy..... I replied to your post sodus shaker heights, was a couple weeks ago. did not get a response. may have bought some tip downs,,
  2. go to this site more info on certain lakes and conditions.... http://www.iceshanty.com
  3. get them from clam.. need to use glue
  4. how was the walk? and also do you only sell the tip downs in lots of 5, I may want to try a couple, I have 3 that I made out of PVC.. No reels on them, if you have a couple of reels I maybe interested in them also . may give sodus a shot friday.. glad u got some fish.. weird how nothing on the jigging.. at sodus happened to me a few times. even let the rods sit with no movement.. thanks Kappy oh also the tip downs look sweet nice job....
  5. very nice,,, good for you,,, was this at little sodus bay? I was almost going to take a ride out today, and find the coal docks, I have heard they have been doing good early AM.. ended up not going.. duh.. hugn around the ponds by me and got nada for 3 days in a row.. long pond and cranberry in rochester.. oh well... nice fish u got there..
  6. kappy

    Irond. Bay

    thanks for the replies WW and Grady, I will report saturday night or Sunday, If my bud still wants to go, he has the boat, If not, I guess I am stuck at the outlet, may even try the piers at the river. I do pretty well there this time of year, feed the seagals pretty good too, the chomp them gobies up.. that is one fall back off the piers, yep looks like is off the piers, bud made other plans..
  7. kappy

    Irond. Bay

    heading to the bay this weekend to see what the perch are up too, Anyone heard or had any luck so far out there, getting close, will report this weekend, thanks and good luck
  8. kappy

    seneca lake perch

    Try to you help you out here, first watch that lake it can turn rough quick, perch are tough, but when you find the jumbo's look out, anyway slow retrieve is the key, I like just a jig head with a fathead on it, drag very slowly when you hit weeds, pause for a minute, motor oil color jigs work well, don't be afraid to go deep, good starting places are reeds point, glass factory bay, highbanks also, these are just some starting points,you can get a map, hit the drop offs also, looks like you know perch fishing, just keep moving until you find them.. do not get disapointed, patience is the key with that lake, the perch are big. I have caught my share of 2+ pounders, a few on the wall too.. love that lake.. good luck let us know how you make out.. slow slow slow movement
  9. will try it Chris if I ever get some wally's, I am boatless now, but have a decent shot off the piers,off all next week maybe I can stay up past 10 and get some night time fishin in ole man I am..
  10. ha kerchner that made me laugh, good one, so that flash your talkin bout is not lake tasting then,or strong, wonder why they have this crap taste here, must be the genny and the bays, I don't like them, I will have to head up that way soon, good luck out there, hope your catch more eyes, oppsss I mean walleyes
  11. Hey guys just curious about how the eyes taste from that end of the lake, I fish up here in the rochester area, and do not keep any of the eyes, they really have this strong lake tatse, and I think it is from eating alewives, I catch my share around and in Irondequite bay, Is there anything I can do too get that strong tatse out of them, heard soaking in milk helps, but never tried it... thanks.... oh how has mud bay been producing up there, also I have fished henderson a lot many years ago though
  12. Tony like cheers said use your head, my last boat was an 18 ft deep V, handled really well in the lake, it can turn quick.. watch the weather and no your boats limits, the rollers in ontario are a lot different then the finger lakes.. so cheers where are you located?
  13. thanks daker did not think they would be that much, may have to buy one now, yikes!!!!!!
  14. Hi All Looking to rent a boat for a week, family coming from out of town, we have a house for a week at the south end, looking for something more than a 14 ft fishing boat, 18 ft to 21 ft pleasure boat, maybe a little fishing also.. would like to show these texans some sites, around beautiful sodus bay or anyone I can borrow one from, ha just kidding of course, I have owned a few boats , I am expiereanced, very familiar with the bay and depths also. Appreciate any help towards the end of June
  15. when you BUMP it gets the post back to the top of forum, if no one replies, it keeps moving down the page, people want to make sure you are reading there post again and again.
  16. did you fish long pond both days line guy, did you try anywhere else friday or saturday sometimes the piers are good too for pan fish keep the kids busy
  17. huck it has been a slow year for perch for sure... you just need to keep moving to find perch, what are you using? jig wise and bait... tip downs? do you have a fish finder,, lots of questions, they a there, just have to find the right combination, and area.. at sodus i would find weeds and stay shallow. the deep water has not been real good. i have been finding the weed breaks and staying in between 12 and 18 fow off the points. fish are hiding and waiting for bait. this is only my opinion.. but works for me.. good luck out there.
  18. kappy


    good hope it stays down, been on that site since it first started all you have is lerkers, and a bunch of idiots... that come and ruin our local waters, never a place to park anymore, and cleaning up there mess................... if you locals from the rochester area do not agree, then you are just as bad,,, sorry sour feelings... try hitting one of the bays on the weekends ,,, just a bunch of bullcrap..... people form hours away... that ruin the fisheriers KEEP THE SHANTY DOWN I SAY...... when the shanty first started in this are I loved it... met a lot of good people.. now hit Iron bay with 300 people out there, and no place to park for us locals I live on the bay, have no proplem,,, accesing... yeee haaa.. but the noise Bull crap because of the free advertisment... any of you that have been reading the Ice shanty,,, where are the hitting , how do you get to the bay, are there perch there..., what do I use .. if anyone from this area does not get it... soon you will.... have no place to fish I will... maybe I can charge for parking and acess
  19. You can get a nikon coolpix P80 for around 300 bucks 18x optical zoom, also has the sport mode, which is cool, one click and you have about 16 pics, frame by frame, after you upload scroll through the pics, looks just like a movie, also the videos with this camera are crystal clear, with good sound also, the battery last a long time, never had it dieon me.. just another option I would have to say one of my best camera's I have owned, got it at rowes great deal good luck
  20. I started at the ponds this morning, cranbo east end, pretty much nada did foul hook about a 10 lb carp, on the ultra light that was fun, arm actually got sore, felt good, after a couple hours of dinks, headed down to charlotte pier, just fishing minnows, about half way out on the lake side, strong breeze all of a sudden wack, got a 6 lb northern, fat fish. had to climb down the ladder, that was fun then we got 1 , 9 inch perch, a few trout casters were leaving, they did nothing, guys trolling by close to the pier said they got 12, so looks like the fish are close how did you make out junkie? good luck
  21. Thnaks for the report fishjunkie maybe tomorrow I will give it a shot, I already told an old friend I would meet him perchin at the ponds this morning, I don't know why, I just can't seam to get into any, and have a crap load of minnows left over LOL looks like alot of rain coming also, good luck out there.
  22. Anyone been hearing the word, I have not been out yet, this weekend going to give it a shot. any local pier fishermen doing anything< anywhere thanks for any info
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