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  1. wow nice variety of fish.. nice going there Bondouley, wish I still had a boat. the first fish Sheila is holding with the sunglasses on, is that a rainbow/steelhead I see a slight red stripe. looks like tons of fun..
  3. I have an autographed white sox jersey, with a certificate of authenticity, in mint condition. I kinda know the value make an offer if interested.. thank you PS if you guys an gals disagree with me selling things like this on this site. please let me know, I understand this is a fishing site and not some craigslist and I will stop..
  4. Hi All I am selling this with all manuals, PC cable,car cable, and or boat for 120 bucks, I think it is fair, if you don't, make an offer that is reasonable. SOLD>>>>>>> 70 BUCKS GOT IT THANKS
  5. cranbow is 90% open now, white caps very murky water of course, long pond just the north west corner open, drove by on the way to mom's this Am
  6. whoa Bondouley!!!! no wonder why your girlfriend is hooked, putting her on a fishing day like that.. How long was the walk? and how do you cook them up.. limit is 3 each or 5.. I am not sure myself.. do not fish for trout much.. and the ones that are realest do the make it? coming up from that deep. also what kind of set up do you use.. when you say metal baits are you just talking about about vertical spoons, like Cleo's and flutter spoons.. nice Job man
  7. hey Tplatt do you need some more poles and reels? I have some old reels with zebcos' and other stuff, that maybe you can fix up for the kids, easier to cast and learn with a push button. we can set something up and you can check them out. I have been hanging on to them for just exactly something like this.. some are my dad's who passed many years ago.. and he will be grateful to help out.. let me know man Rick I am located in Rochester
  8. kappy


    now that is a good idea? I bring an extra 18 volt, still works, but will be better with this idea. I have the soft coolers all over the place and never use them.. nice. thanks
  9. well have not seen any of your post in awhile, you sure do know where the fish are. have not been up that way in years, back in the day when the ice was 2 ft. nice haul.
  10. kappy

    I-Bay 1/11

    Luke a couple of buddies were out on the east side today also, said it was slow till 10:30 u missed it, rain started to come down heavy, just when they figured out what they wanted, ended up with a dozen or so, before they left soaked to the bone minnow heads were the key, they would not touch the whole minnow bodies and heads.. maybe you will have luck tomorrow.. try it.
  11. I use a Ryobi lithium 18 v on my laser 6 in, one battery will get me 15 to 20 holes ice 4 to 8 or so.. no problem. a good fisherman only needs one..
  12. Thanks Tori caught a few at the ponds,all small not much action.
  13. anyone been getting perch recently at these spots, I know the piers most times out you get some, has it picked up yet, deciding where to go in the morning, have not heard anything about the ponds either, good to keep mums the word I guess. well either way heading out in the AM see what happens. good luck out there.
  14. just sayin the water level is higher than last year, from what I have heard, when you said you had no trouble with your 17ft, that is recently correct? not last year, that's all... agree rolmops, not funny when someone ruin there trailer, boat, tow vehicle. I have helped people launch many times, it is very tough by yourself on a windy day, or bad ramp, low water, no matter what size boat you have. I have a hell of time sometimes launching by myself, last thing I want to do is hold other boats up, and get people pissed, because instead of getting pissed off how bout helping.. sorry boys did not mean to get a fire started.. we all have replied to a thread, then realize it is 2 years old lol
  16. I second the Smithwick Rattlin Rogues Don, excellent lure, I have many, use them for the eyes also, many moons ago, when hollowgrinder was cranking, remember they used to take a picture of you and your big fish, 30 35 40 years ago, and they would give you a free lure. I was hooked on the smithwicks ever sense, used to fish off the piers and catch fish when no one else was.. you are one of the smart ones Don, would take them over a rapala any day..
  17. whoa very fat.. very nice WTG.. I know you are a big walleye fishemen, and put your time in, that is for sure.. very nice there Steve
  18. well you did great!!! sorry did not know what you meant by offlimits.. 10 perch over 7lbs.. very nice.. so you did not like them that much huh , how did you guys cook them? deep fry.. that is the only way I like them.. I have not had any in 2 years, I don't get out that much anymore.. health reasons, a lil bit of being lazy too. can't take the cold weather, I went out for about an hour yesterday, just killed me, cold, pain.. yikes.. good for you.. iof you ever come up this way again for perch, I will take them off your hands... keep up the good work there..
  19. cannot get any quiet time on the ice these days
  20. yes correct IRISH hopefully some ice up there for him.
  21. he said ice shanty is offlimits,do not know what that means banned? no clue my reply gave him the link..
  22. this link will help you out with the conditions, and how they are doing out there, hopefully there is ice. we have a warm spell again this week,you will like eating almost as good as walleye, some say better, may want to get some small teardrop ice jigs, a bait shop up there should help you out, and also give you a report, sorry I do not fish there, go with the 4lb line.wax worms good, may want some spikes also,I would not venture out by yourself. u are going to need an auger and a scoop, plenty of good people that will help you out I am sure,, good luck, most important is be safe, make sure you bring an experienced person with you please. with this wacky weather.. ice is always iffy.. here is the link http://www.iceshanty.com/ice_fishing/index.php?topic=221901.60
  23. very nice.. do you live up in the henderson area? I never ice fished the Bay, would like to try it sometime though
  24. kappy


    lows in the single digits towards the end of next week, should help a lot, as long as the bays are locked up , if not hope for no wind.. soon?
  25. ok plan on getting out let u know, wind and wave conditions not good tommorow.. 5 to 7 footers strong west wind
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