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Lake trout trolling

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For some reason dipsy divers don't interest me at this point but they seem to be used by a lot o people. Would love to run some planer boards with riggers double stacked with mupps. Having enough trouble getting the boss on board to buy all my rigging gear. Dipsys will have to wait a few years. Plus I would like to get a new fish finder/GPS and fish hawk x4d too.

You can set up a set of dipsy rods pretty cheap.  10' or 9' rods with magda pro 30 reels would be cheap.


Here are the rods you can run $24.99 a piece. 



Here are the reels $44.95:



Run some Power Pro 40lbs. 300yds. with 30lbs. big game backing and you would be set.


2 dipsy rods for under $175



EDIT: Here is a post by one of our sponsors with the reels cheaper.


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