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If you look at the classified on this website there is a charter business for sale right now. I am a part time charter captain and have a full time job that limits how many charters I can do a year. That will change in another 5-years when I retire and need something to keep me busy. Last year was my first year doing charters though I have been fishing Lake Ontario since 1995 and have been fishing all over the country since I was old enough to carry a fishing pole. I have done both salt water and fresh water and have focused on all types of fish and fishing.  I may occasionally have a need for a first mate as doing charters solo will wear a guy down. I will be starting a list of potential first mates and will add your name to my list. Before I use you I would like to know more about your experience. PM me when you get a chance and give me more info. I am not worried about you taking my business. From what I can see there is still a lot of opportunity for business in this field. My business has doubled since last year and I am not even pushing the marketing. Having said that, you won't get rich being a charter captain and you better have a passion for it and not mind hard work. Most people don't understand how hard this can be and how it can wear you down as you start doing day after multiple day of charters. I guess I am just warning you before you devote your life to this. Once you start mating you will have a better feel for the work load involved.

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When it comes to chartering, it has its up and downs as stated before. I myself do it for the pure fun and making memories..

As stated, people don't realize the costs of not just the boat and gear but the licensing, registration, insurance, and everything else racked up into one big bill.

I have taken numerous guys out fishing with me whether it be, charters or fun fishing. I have my main man Joe, but he's not always available when I need him and have asked random guys from the LOU. It ends up being fun and have made a bunch of friends doing this.

I guess what I am saying is, go for it! You never know. I'm just a finger lakes guy but enjoy fishing the lakes just as much as anyone else. I can ramble on and on.. if you have any questions PM me.

I will say that guys stating that a new guy will take business, it can be true. However these guys do this by "trash talking", and talking down on other captains. Sure there are better guys and guys who have been at if for years. But to stoop so low to try and ruin a guys reputation by bad mouthing them to clients, does not sit well with me. Anyone who calls me, I will give a list of guys ten captain s long who can help them out, if my clients want a lake o trip, I'll make it happen. It is not about business on my end but about putting these people on fish. Let's face it, some days it's great and some days its just a "I wanna sell it all day" but we don't, we come back and try again.

Good luck, its a fun and winding adventure, I have this site to thank as well as other captains to thank and they have been personally thanked up and down with how grateful I am in what I have learned.

Capt. Nick

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